Sep 15, 2009

Header You've undoubtedly seen many a movie glorifying one the great American traditions: The Road Trip. Well, one of our executives was apparently watching one of these fine films and came up with a great idea. He said, "Let's go on a road trip, but in Europe!" He obviously hasn't seen the Euro-skewed version of these films but, whatever, we have gear to show the world.

So, we gathered up our finest Mackoids and our latest gear, put them on a plane and said our goodbyes. They will visit European dealers and draw a crowd in nine different European cities over the next couple of weeks, providing demos of all the newest Mackie gear. Here are the scheduled stops for the tour:


September 16: Confetti - Nottingham, UK (10am - 4pm)

September 17: Digital Village - Romford, UK (10am - 4pm)

September 18: Andertons - Guildford, UK (10am - 4pm)

September 19: Star's Music - Paris, FR (10am - 1pm) & (2:30pm - 7pm)

September 22: Bekafun - Izegem, BE (1pm)

September 23: Music Store Professional - Cologne, DE (1pm - 6pm)

September 24: Music Produktiv - Ibbenbüren, DE (2pm - 6pm)

September 25: Feedback - Rotterdam, NL (no specified time)


Here is what you can expect to see when you come meet the team:

Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers

Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers combine the benefits of a powerful computer interface with the tactile, hands-on control of a premium analog mixer. Qualified by Mackie for use with all major DAWs including Pro Tools® M-Powered 8*, the Onyx-i Series opens up a new world of options for anyone interested in computer recording. In addition to an ultra-high quality 24-bit/96kHz FireWire recording interface, Onyx-i mixers offer professional analog features like boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps, classic “British-style” Perkins EQ and pre/post assignable aux sends, all of which can be flexibly routed via integrated FireWire.

A better way to record — Onyx-i.

To record professionally these days, you need the hands-on control and routing of a premium mixer, a stellar, high-resolution interface and the ability to work with any DAW. Problem Solved.

  • Premium Recording Mixers with 24-bit/96kHz FireWire
  • Qualified by Mackie for use will all major DAWs, including:
    • Pro Tools® M-Powered 8
    • Logic®
    • SONAR™
    • Cubase®
    • Ableton® Live
  • Boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps
  • Perkins “British style” EQ on every channel
  • Flexible FireWire routing, including aux sends and pre/post EQ assignment for all channels
  • Stereo playback from DAW, returned to control room or into channel for integration into mix
  • Full 16x16 FireWire channel streaming for ultimate DAW integration (Onyx 1640i only)

Check out the website for more details

*The Onyx-i Series Mixers are qualified by Mackie for use with Pro Tools® M-Powered 8. Mackie will release a driver (via together with full details of how to use the Onyx series with Pro Tools M-Powered 8 in the coming weeks.


HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers

HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers deliver up to 1800W of peak system power via ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification. Revolutionary high-definition audio processing elevates the audience’s experience by combining the power of precision crossovers, time correction and patented acoustic correction for unparalleled clarity and performance. System tuning and custom transducers by EAW create an optimized system that can be easily configured for your application using the integrated 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid. The sleek, all-wood cabinet design is pole-mountable and flyable, providing flexible mounting options for touring or installation. Elevate Your Experience with HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers.

Check out the website for more details


So there you have it. A bunch of no-good-nicks touring around Europe in a van, visiting dealers and attracting crowds. Who among those in Europe will witness High-Definition Live Sound for the first time? Who will be the first to use Mackie hardware with the world's most popular DAW?


You will have to wait and see. We will post photos and cool info from every stop along the way.