Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Rooftop Performance Powered by Mackie DL1608

Oct 15, 2012
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Easy Street Rooftop Last week, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed atop the roof of Seattle's Easy Street Records. Macklemore and Lewis recently saw their new album "The Heist" hit number one on the iTunes charts. You can imagine catching this surprise concert during the busy afternoon commute. The sound was controlled by a Mackie DL1608. The monitor engineer had the interesting task of getting all the gear up on stage, er...roof, which doesn't have stair access. He stayed up there during the performance to control monitors while the other was on the ground, mixing from the middle of the gathering crowd. The main speakers (not seen here) were a set of Mackie HDA boxes with EAW SB1000 subs. The talent used in-ears and a Mackie SRM450v2 for stage monitoring. Engineer, Christopher Mael, said, "The audience, artists and distribution partners at the event indicated that the sound was clear and crisp. I know I heard it described by more than one person as 'Epic'." It may be possible they were talking about this once-in-a-lifetime performance by a local artist who is hitting it big. But, we'll take what we can get since we love the DL1608 so much. Here's a fan vid of the opening performance: Click here to learn more about the Mackie DL1608 Wanna check out the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis album? Click here.