Master Fader 4.6 Now Available

Mar 22, 2017
Master Fader 4.6

Available now on the App Store, Master Fader 4.6 introduces the new Auto View Group functionality. Building on the ultra-efficient View Groups feature in Master Fader, Auto View Groups will create a view group for you in one tap so all that you see are channels that are contributing to the mix. This view will dynamically update depending on the mix selected. To make it work, Master Fader automatically hides channels that have their fader turned down all the way. In addition to Auto View Groups, Master Fader 4.6 provides a host of new control options and enhancements for DC16.


Download on the App Store:​ 

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Release Notes

Enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements (including, but not limited to):


Master Fader

  • Auto View Group – Choose the Auto View group in Master Fader to automatically hide channels with faders all the way down. This will dynamically update as you change mixes showing only channels contributing to the mix. This is especially useful when mixing monitors. The Auto View Group is accessed on the DC16 by holding the ALT button and pressing the top view selector.



  • Flip - Pressing Page UP and Down simultaneously flips the parameters under adjustment with the edit encoders down to the faders. This gives more visual control and is especially useful for editing a GEQ.
  • Shift Modifier Key – Holding Shift and turning encoder adjusts the parameter in a  fine increment for precise control
  • Alt+Shift Modifier Key – Holding Shift+Alt simultaneously and turning an encoder resets the parameter to the default value.
  • Access even channel controls for linked channels – Hold Alt to adjust the right side parameter for gain, trim, polarity, and 48V for linked channels.
  • Link/unlink channels and mixes – Press and hold the Select button to link channels or output mixes. The channel or mix pressed will be the source. Similarly, press and hold the Select button on linked channels or output mixes to unlink them.
  • Per Channel Assign Button Encoder Mode – Hold ALT+___ to access the Assign controls for the selected channel on the edit encoders. This provides access to Main, Subgroup, VCA, Mute Group and View Group assignments.
  • Transport Encoder Mode – Hold ALT + ___ to access the Recording and Playback transport controls for a USB Drive attached to the DL32R. Page 1 provides controls for the Stereo Playback while Page 2 shows the Multichannel Playback and Recording controls.
  • FX Full Control Encoder Mode – Press the FX Per Channel Encoder mode button to see an expanded range of controls for adjusting the effects. The send for the selected channel and the return for the selected mix are both shown, as are all the global controls. Page 1 shows reverb 1, page 2 reverb 2, and page 3 the delay.
  • Vintage Comp/Gate Encoder Mode – Customized controls are now shown for the vintage gate and compressor.
  • Quick Access Buttons – The User button now allows quick access to commonly used controls including main mute, FX mutes, and delay tap tempo.
  • Talkback modes – Setup allows configuration of the operation of the talkback button between momentary, latched and auto operation. Auto is enabled by default.
  • Select Follows Solo and Fader modes – Setup allows configuration of Select follows Solo and/or Fader for both input and output channels. These are enabled by default.


Bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Improved DL32R USB drive support and recording/ playback reliability on DL32R
  • Improved DC16 Show Load Progress Indication and reliability
  • Improved DC16 Discovery and Connection reliability
  • Improved DC16 Navigation and screen switching performance
  • Improved DC16 Output LPF and HPF Type selection
  • Improved DC16 wired iPad connectivity
  • Improved Other minor DC16 workflow enhancements
  • Fixed issue where Channel Safes did not protect even numbered Aux Sends when unlinked by Snapshot Recall
  • Fixed issue with DC16 and Master Fader where changing Mute Group Multi-select would disable all Mute Groups
  • Fixed issue with DC16 and Master Fader where changing View Group Multi-select would disable all View Groups
  • Other bug fixes