Master Fader Roadmap

Apr 30, 2019
Master Fader Development Roadmap


The Master Fader Beta Program is now LIVE. If you are wanting to dive in to future versions of Master Fader and help root our issues and bugs before it is officially released, we would love to have you be a part of it!





Master Fader 5 Highlights

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The Control App For Everyone

Master Fader is incredibly powerful, fast, and customizable – all while being easy enough to open it up for the first time and feel at home. And with each free update, it is only getting better with new features, capabilities, refinements, and more. 


Control Your Way - Multi-platform Support

With upcoming releases of Master Fader, users will have more choices than ever on how they can control their DL Series mixer on up to 20 devices simultaneously. Adding Android™ support means virtually anyone can download the Master Fader app on devices they already own. Coming soon in version 5.1, we will be adding support for MacOS™ and Windows™ which opens up the control possibilities for engineers, installations, and more. 


Expanded Suite of FX

A whole new suite of FX plus a refreshed interface makes it easier to choose the type and see what is currently assigned. Add more depth to your mix and performances with chorus, flanger, rotary, auto-filter, and much more. DL32R is getting a major upgrade with the addition of another FX processor for a total of 4 different FX running simultaneously. 


The DC16 Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

DC16 is getting the ability to create 8 fully user-assignable buttons plus an assignable encoder per channel. To keep settings and mixes from accidental changes, the entire console can now be locked, perfect for multi-user applications. Snapshots are one of the best benefits of a digital mixer and are a great way to instantly change your mix on the fly, and now you can switch with the single push of a button, perfect for theatres that require multiple changes throughout a show.



The future of master fader

The complete feature list


Support for DL16S and DL32S


Multi-Platform Support 






Dynamic UI on Mac and PC allows you to see more than ever on a single display 

Mixer and the selected channel processing can be seen at the same time and depending on how large your monitor is, you can see Comp/Gate and EQ at once

Parameter values next to each slider

Resize the window to any screen size

Optimized to work with Windows touch monitors


New FX, interface, and an additional processor for DL32R

DL32R now has access to an additional FX processor increasing the total to 4. 

An all-new rack-inspired user interface replaces the previous FX selection and adjustment display area.

Tons of new FX are now available including, chorus, flanger, rotary, tremolo, mod delay, phaser, and more


New FX and interface for DL1608 and DL806

Tons of new FX are now available including, chorus, flanger, rotary, tremolo, mod delay, phaser, and more

All-new rack-inspired user interface replaces the previous FX selection and adjustment display area


Improved Copy and Paste

You can now copy and paste a complete channel including Aux/Group routing, or just channel processing



Assignable buttons and encoders - 8 fully assignable User Buttons and 1 fully assignable User Encoder per channel

Lock channels and outputs to the left or right on the surface so they are always available no matter what View Group or bank is shown

Lock mixes to the top of the mix selector so they are always shown as you page through the mix selector

Lock the entire console preventing accidental changes

Control Access Limits directly from DC16 preventing access to various controls

Control the snapshot channel safes from the surface

Easily see channels that are contributing to VCAs and Subgroups

Fader values are temporarily shown on display when they are touched or adjusted

You can now recall a snapshot with a single press and automatically select next snapshot. Perfect for theatres that need to switch instantly multiple times per show.


DL32R Dante Card

Updated Dante card to 4.0 to support Dante Domain Manager