Master Fader Updates to v3.0.1

Dec 15, 2014
Master Fader Updates to v3.0.1

MF301_update_Header_600x300The Mackie Master Fader app for the Mackie DL32R, DL1608 and DL806 just got updated. There are a ton of bug fixes and general enhancement of the Master Fader v3 platform. Here's a complete list of all the updates:

  • Added the updated Reference Guide to the Help tab under Tools (gear icon)
  • All radio buttons now highlight and act on release
  • Improved resolution for stereo delay time
  • Improved labels for output patching tabs when used with the DL32R
  • iPads will no longer lose sync when a different wireless iPad goes out of range
  • Master Fader will no longer crash when a incorrectly formatted HDD is connected to the DL32R
  • Long song name for HDD recordings will no longer cause Master Fader to crash with a DL32R
  • Master Fader will no longer crash when navigating from Access Limiting Input DSP or Input Routing to the Output Routing Channel View
  • Access Limits no longer cause some channels to be incorrectly hidden from Masters View
  • Subgroups and VCAs can now be muted on auxes even with "Use LR Mute" disabled
  • Subgroup 6 now visible in the VCA Assignment view
  • Mute Group selector now toggles appropriately per item when Multi-Select is enabled
  • Master Channel View now responds to Access Limits
  • Fixed alignment issue with the Gated Reverb Release slider
  • "Grow and Glow" now behaving appropriately on Output PEQ's LPF function
  • Improved behavior of scrolling labels
  • Fixed crash logging. You may now be prompted to send information after a crash. Please do so.

For complete Master Fader details, please check out the Master Fader Reference Guide.