Master Fader v4.5 is Now Available for Free Download

Sep 13, 2016
Master Fader v4.5 Now Available
Available immediately, Master Fader v4.5 is another free update to the Master Fader platform, offering great new features for existing DL Series users including all-new, great-sounding reverbs! This is the number one request from users and we are excited to deliver. And that’s not all! Keep reading to see all of the great updates with Master Fader v4.5. With Master Fader, your mixer continues to get better over time. Try that with your analog mixer! 


We’ve spent serious time and development on a completely new set of reverb algorithms that are a true sonic step up for any Master Fader user and we think you will be excited to hear them.
More realistic in every way and offering a whole range of new setting options, your next mix will benefit from the richness and depth of the all-new reverb and expanded control options. 
New advanced settings include:


  • Early reflection level
  • Early reflection roll-off
  • Late reflection level
  • Late reflection roll-off 
  • Late reflection bass boost
  • Diffusion
  • Modulation rate
  • Modulation depth
With this added level of control, you can build the perfect reverb for your application and save all of those details for easy recall later. Give the new reverbs a listen and be sure to let us know your thoughts!


Adding another incredibly useful live sound metering capability, a spectrograph measures and displays the frequency content of a source in a highly-visual, very actionable way that can take the guesswork out of many EQ tasks. We’ve added a Spectrograph option alongside the RTA to deliver more choice for you when EQ’ing an output. A spectrograph can help you balance volume across the audible spectrum, resulting in a better mix for your audience. It also, makes it even easier to find and eliminate feedback.


Outputs aren’t the only place to use an RTA or Spectrograph. Having access to this on inputs can really help dial things in during soundcheck. Solo a specific source and see its exact frequency content so you can make adjustments quickly and easily. The RTA and Spectrograph are now available for view on any input channel. Bring one up under your channel EQ during soundcheck and quickly see where you need to make adjustments. 


While we were knee-deep in new reverb development, it was a great time to address all of the factory presets. But we didn’t stop with just the reverb; all EQ, dynamics and FX presets are completely new, offering an even better starting point for any user. Plus, of course, you can save your own presets as needed.


Want more control over your metering behavior? We’ve got you covered with new metering ballistics options. You can now choose how long the meter holds your RTA peak, new meter peak and meter clip values. This is just another level of control that delivers the customized experience you deserve when mixing. 


Now, when you recall an FX preset, you no longer need to re-tweak the associated FX return EQ. Man, how many hours did you waste doing this? The new implementation automatically recalls and applies that FX return EQ when you recall an FX preset. Science!


And, of course, there were a bunch of little bug fixes to take care of including adding full compatibility for the new iOS10. We just set off a bug bomb in the office and left for the weekend. They all seem to be gone now! If you have any questions about installing Master Fader, performing the update or any general usage questions, let us know!