New! Mackie Reach All-In-One Professional PA System

Oct 20, 2015
New! Reach Professional PA System

Mackie today announces an exciting professional PA system that delivers ultra-wide coverage for unmatched sound quality for the entire audience and powerful built-in personal monitoring – The Mackie Reach Professional PA System. Featuring Bluetooth® music streaming, a full-featured 6-channel digital mixer and a powerful control app for iOS and Android, Reach delivers unmatched capability and flexibility for a wide range of applications. 


Mackie Reach is the ultimate self-contained PA system. With Reach, users can deliver their best performance ever thanks to powerful technology like the ARC™ array, which provides clear, high-fidelity sound to the everyone in the audience and the built-in EarShot™ personal monitoring system giving performers true, flexible stage monitoring ­without the need for additional speakers and miles of cables. Plus, with wireless streaming and control over the built-in 6-channel digital mixer via the Mackie Connect app for iOS and Android devices, you get wireless freedom to control everything from levels, EQ and FX to sound-enhancing tools like a feedback destroyer for amazing sound in any situation.

Reach is perfect for artists and venues that need a simple but powerful all-in-one PA solution,” remarked John Boudreau, Mackie SVP of Product Planning. “From coffehouses, wineries and brewpubs to school assemblies and corporate presentations, the Mackie Reach provides unmatched versatility with the best sound quality possible.”



The ARC (Amplified Radial Curve) high frequency array technology in Reach utilizes three horizontally angled high-frequency drivers paired with dual vertically spaced high-output low-frequency drivers providing 150° of coverage for optimal sound quality even for audiences spread over a wide or deep area. Combined with the EarShot personal monitoring system, you get a total of 250° of room coverage for ultimate versatility. 





Equally as important to what the audience hears, is a performers ability to hear themselves on stage. The built-in EarShot personal monitoring system is the perfect solution. With a powerful full-range driver on each side of Reach, performers can get clear sound on stage to deliver their best performance. Plus, with independent volume control and selectable configuration, EarShot delivers unmatched flexibility.





“The built-in EarShot personal monitoring system truly sets Reach apart providing performers with true stage monitoring without the need for additional speakers.” Commented Boudreau.



One of Reach’s most powerful features is complete wireless control using the Mackie Connect app available for iOS and Android devices. The Mackie Connect app puts the user in control 

of everything - from simple level adjustments to control over professional performance features like 3-band channel EQ, a built-in feedback destroyer, application-specific speaker voicing modes,16 vocal/instrument effects as well as three recallable memory settings to quickly get Reach back to your favorite settings. With the built-in 6-channel digital mixer, you have all the inputs, processing and control you need making Reach the ultimate all-in-one professional PA system.




“With Reach, you get an incredibly portable and easy to use professional PA system without sacrificing power or capability,” concluded Boudreau. “We are excited to see how Reach changes the way people perform.”