New Video Podcast Episode Covers Powerful Output Processing of Mackie DL1608

Jul 17, 2012
Mackie DL1608 Podcast Episode 3 - Output ProcessingThe 3rd episode of the Mackie DL1608 video podcast series is all about output processing. Each of the seven different outputs (six aux outputs plus the main out) have a host of powerful output processing that eliminates the need for heavy, additional outboard gear. Each output features a 31-band graphic EQ with a cool draw mode to easily draw in a curve. Each band offers +/- 12dB of gain. Then there's the comp/limiter, which offers all the controls you'd expect from a powerful plugin to control the output mix volume and protect the hearing of artists using in-ear-monitors. Click here to subscribe to the video podcast series via iTunes. The videos will also be hosted on Mackie s YouTube channel. Additional DL1608 info is also available by email - sign up.