Prolight + Sound Show Recap

Apr 12, 2017
Mackie's Visit to Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt Germany

Another Prolight + Sound show is in the books, and it was a great one.

First things first, what is Prolight + Sound? This is a yearly trade show held in Frankfurt, Germany. Manufacturers of audio equipment from around the world gather there to show off their latest gear. 

When you live all the way on the west coast in Washington state, the thought of making the journey to Frankfurt, Germany AND getting to talk about gear all day is an exciting one. So we got our passports ready, packed our bags (and a whole bunch of Mackie gear) and took the long flight over the pond.

So here we are, so far from home, experiencing some awesome jet-lag, and maybe a little hungry. But that wasn't going to stop us. 

Fast forward to day one of the show. We've got our snazzy little booth all put together. A beautiful AXIS system, new Big Knob's and XR monitors glistening in the strategically placed lighting. We were quite proud.

As day one came to a close, we were exhausted but excited to have the opportunity to interact with so many interesting people visiting our booth.

Day two, the crowds got bigger, the sounds got louder, the tech talk got more... technical!

Day three, beer needs to happen. 

Day four, the home stretch. This is a marathon, and we won't back down. So we got on the best smelling clothes in our bags, strapped on our bouncy walking shoes, and powered through a few cups of coffee. Even with the lack of sleep and way too much beer and food the night before (hey, when in Rome... or in this case Frankfurt), getting back to our booth was like being home, it was energizing. Knowing it was the final day, we soaked it in and enjoyed every minute of our remaining time there.

To sum it all up, Prolight + Sound was a blast this year. We want to sincerely thank all the people that stopped by because you are why we are there in the first place. Till next time!


P.S. This band below was performing Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Amazing.