Restaurant and Retail

Aug 17, 2012
Mackie Applications - Restaurant and Retail



Getting the job done correctly and on-budget is critical. Mackie provides a range of professional mixer and loudspeaker products that deliver cost-effective solutions that are reliable and always sound great. Restaurants and retail are increasingly looking to pro audio to fullfill their sound needs. After all, walk throug any mall or sit in any hip restaurant. The music is clear, it's got a good amount of low end and it is often pretty loud. From our range of aesthetically-pleasing loudspeakers to our lineup of compact and sleek studio monitors, Mackie delivers solutions that always sound great and are easy to install. Check out our offerings below. Have questions about which product is right for your application? Contact our knowledgable tech support team. 


Mackie SRM Portable Loudspeaker


Mackie HRmk2 Series

Mackie CR Series

Mackie Big Knob



Mackie DL32R

Mackie DL1608

Mackie VLZ4 Compact Mixers