Review: Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Gets Kudos from Sonic State

Jun 15, 2007
The web site Sonic State recently reviewed the Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Compact Mixer, and the verdict is in: Thumbs up! 1202-VLZ3.jpg Here s a bit of what they had to say: The solid construction and confident, clean sound are clearly audible, and a prime feature in a desk of this size and price. You do now pay a premium for Mackie stuff, but it's not as if their stuff is expensive in the first place - it's only that there are others who can make a mixer for less by putting lower grade components in. If you are using mics at all, you should notice quite a difference with one of these desks. The rugged construction is also likely to give this model a longer overall life, so you get what you pay for. Read the whole review here. (There s also a video review bonus!)