SRM Connect App v1.2.0 Update

Feb 12, 2021
srm connect app v1.2.0 update announcement loudspeakers and smartphone


Today we announce the latest release of the SRM Connect App v1.2.0 update.

This update brings enhanced low frequency performance, increased overall output, and additional settings to optimize your SRM | V-Class speakers with the new SR18S Subwoofer.



Mackie SRM Connect™ gives you complete wireless control over your Mackie SRM V-Class PA System via Bluetooth®.

Haven't purchased SRM | V-Class speakers yet but want to try the app? SRM Connect allows you to explore every feature and even emulate connected SRM | V-Class speakers in Demo Mode.

Total wireless control from the SRM Connect app

• Independent input channel and master levels

• 3-band High, Mid & Low channel EQ

• Indoor/Outdoor application-specific voicing modes

• Front LED Color & Modes

• LCD screen brightness

• 100ms Alignment Delay

• Store/Recall 10 system snapshots

• Custom channel naming

• Auto flip between landscape and portrait view

• Auto Connect and Auto Link Bluetooth options