TobyMac Bassist Toddiefunk Brings Mackie FreePlay to Camp Electric

Oct 27, 2015
Toddiefunk Brings Mackie FreePlay to Camp Electric

Cordova, Tennessee - October 2015... Imagine you're a teenage Christian musician who wants to learn how to perform, how to lead worship, how to work in a band, and how to best conduct yourself on and off stage. Now imagine you had a chance to spend five exciting days with 600 to 700 of your peers in a well chaperoned environment, learning all of these things and much more, first hand, from your favorite Christian artists-including the chance to jam and worship with them. That's Camp Electric, which was held this year in Nashville and in Cedarville, Ohio.


Six-time Grammy Award winner TobyMac and his band DiverseCity are among the top artists who regularly teach at Camp Electric. Long-time DiverseCity bassist Todde "Toddiefunk" Lawton, an enthusiastic proponent of the camp and of Mackie and Ampeg® equipment, is using Mackie's FreePlay™ personal PA system with this year's campers.  


"We have three to four bass classes per camp, with several instructors, so I see a different group of 15 to 20 kids every day," Toddiefunk explains. "I teach what I do with TobyMac live, what I take to the stage, how I learn the songs and make them my own, how to play live, and how to serve the song and the band. FreePlay makes it easy. I was able to get stems from our live show, and I played the tracks wirelessly from my phone through FreePlay. Then I played along with it live, just like I do at a show."

FreePlay is a full-range personal PA system with a high-output eight-inch woofer that delivers the bass response Toddiefunk needs to demonstrate his art. Its built-in 4-channel mixer, which offers control over levels and EQ, 16 digital effects, and more, enables him to plug in his bass and get it to sound just right. "FreePlay lets you stream music from a Bluetooth device," he observes. "That makes it easy to play the tracks from my phone while demonstrating the bass parts." To top it off, the entire system can be controlled with Mackie's FreePlay Connect™ app for iPhone®, iPod® touch and Android devices.

Having worked for so many years with TobyMac, Toddiefunk understands how to think in the long term. "TobyMac and DiverseCity have been working with Camp Electric for seven years, and the camp is still growing. I want to stay part of it, stay connected," he says. "And I know Mackie wants to be involved, too. We'll use FreePlay for more things at Camp Electric, and I'll take even better advantage of its features. For example, the built-in effects will enable me to show the kids how to use effects properly."


Camp Electric provides a rare opportunity for kids to grow as musicians and as people in a healthy and worshipful environment. Mackie salutes Camp Electric, TobyMac, Toddiefunk, and all of the other people who make this special camp possible.