Where are Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0?

Mar 18, 2013
Ermahgerd! Mehrster Ferhder! We had fully intended to release Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0 by now. So where are they? Unfortunately we have run into a few severe bugs that are proving quite difficult to fix and are preventing release. Here s a bit more detail. The development team has been feature complete on both Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0 for some time. This means that all the features we planned for these versions are completely implemented. Once we are feature complete, we thoroughly test all features to ensure there are no bugs. This includes complete testing of every function by internal techs, alpha testing by Mackie employees in a variety of live scenarios, and external beta testers including some of you. Quality is paramount with a product like this and we will not release an update until we are confident it is solid. We take this very seriously and know that many of put your livelihood in the hands of your mixer. During this testing, we encountered some bugs. This is to be expected and is all part of the development process. Normally these bugs are fixed and when there are no more known issues, we release the software to Apple for App Store approval. Unfortunately, a few of these particular bugs are taking more time than anticipated to fix, thus delaying release. We are working hard to fix these bugs and believe we are close. This means we can soon create our release candidate and do final testing, again internally and with our external beta team. If no bugs more blocking are found, we will confidently release to the App Store. When will this happen? As soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Like you, we wish we could have released these updates sooner but when Master Fader 1.4 and My Fader 1.0 are released, we think you will really like the additions and improvements we've made.