Whitney Mongé Takes it to the Streets with Mackie FreePlay

Mar 08, 2016

Seattle, WA-March 2016... A native of Spokane, now living in Seattle, Whitney Mongé plays a wide variety of gigs, ranging from local clubs to national tours, radio shows, and TV. 

A versatile singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Mongé also plays her "Seattle alternative soul music" at a range of smaller venues. And having started her journey busking at Seattle's famed Pike Place Market, she still makes a point of performing on the street. The smaller gigs and street performances are a lot easier now, thanks to her Mackie® FreePlay™ personal PA system.

Freeplay is an ultra-portable, battery-powered stereo PA that delivers high-quality sound and offers Bluetooth® music streaming from any device, as well as connections for mics, guitars, and more. "It's a really cool rig," Mongé enthuses. "It's great for playing restaurants and coffee houses where they don't have a PA. Sometimes hotels ask me to play in their lobby, and FreePlay is perfect for that. I've even used FreePlay for corporate gigs, including an event in a fairly large atrium, and it carried the sound really well. In fact, it sounds really great in every setting I've tried-and the effects are awesome!"

In her popular street performances, Mongé uses FreePlay to reinforce her vocals and acoustic guitar, taking advantage of its built-in four-channel mixer. She also streams MP3 break music via Bluetooth.

"I use the Mackie Connect™ app on my phone for sound check, and it's pretty awesome," she 

relates. "I played an outdoor gig at a plant nursery a few months ago-I know it sounds unusual but the people really enjoyed hearing my music while they checked out the fall plants-and FreePlay is great for that sort of gig."

Of course, Mongé also plays larger gigs with a full band, and she has released several albums and EPs. But her solo gigs remain close to her heart, especially busking. In fact, she is featured in the award-winning, 2014 Brian Nunes film Find Your Way: a Busker's Documentary. And while she can't use amplification for every gig ("Amplifiers are not allowed at Pike Place Market," she notes), she uses FreePlay at every opportunity. "I really dig FreePlay," she declares. "It's the coolest small PA system I've used!"