Work From Home / School From Home Webinar

Sep 15, 2020
work from home school audio applications webinar


Stuck working from home? We're here to help you discover the tools to get you through the workweek. From quality microphones to sound-isolating headphones, we've got you covered.


  • Learn how to be a business professional with microphones that are both cost-effective and easy to use.
  • Learn the benefits of being heard and hearing others clearly and without distractions
  • Discover the comfort you didn't know you needed while wearing headphones for 8 hours a day.


Did we forget to mention there's going to be a sneak peek of some never-before-seen gear?

Join us Thursday, September 24th, at 2 PM PST for a fun learning opportunity with an open-forum Q&A to follow. 

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See you there!