M•Caster Studio (White)

Desktop Live Streaming Mixer

M•Caster Studio (White)

The ultimate compact audio upgrade for your live streaming rig is here. Powerful processing, awesome effects, a built-in 4 pad sampler, Bluetooth® connectivity, and much more. 

Breathe Life Into Your Live Stream

Breathe Life Into Your Live Stream

Not sure how to get your voice to the next level on your live streams? Messing with resource-hogging plugins not your thing? Worry not my friend. M•Caster Studio is a powerful, compact live audio solution for streaming on Mac/PC and even on your smartphone, and makes it incredibly easy to get the professional sound you are looking for and then some. 

Get the ultimate compact audio upgrade with M•Caster Studio, your followers will thank you. 

M•Caster Studio White FX/Display


Want to add a little audio flair to your stream? How about punching up your vocals to get the hype train really moving? From super deep voice to chipmunk, M•Caster makes it easy with fun voice changing effects that you can activate at the turn of a knob.


At the heart of M•Caster is some serious sound-shaping horsepower. Choose between an array of different ContourFX Presets that can add anything from thunderous depth to sparkly angelic tones to your voice with the turn of a single knob. Once you find one that feels right, you can blend it in to perfection. 

M•Caster Studio IO White

Plug in All The Things

Sure, you can use your favorite professional microphone, but it doesn't stop there. M•Caster Studio plays nicely with DSLR's, Headsets, and Smartphones too. When it comes to monitoring, there are dedicated headphone and studio monitor outputs. 

Go Wireless with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth connectivity built in, you can both send and recieve audio wirelessly with your M•Caster Studio. Great for integrating a caller, music, you name it alongside your USB connection.

M•Caster Studio Sampler White

Samples On The Fly

With 3GB of internal storage, you can load and even direct record tons of samples to trigger any time via the 4 backlit buttons. Perfect for celebrating a fun moment, thanking a subscriber, or when you feel the need to relentlessly smash that remix horn (yes, that sound is preloaded).


M•Caster EM-99B Add-on

The Microphone Made for Creators

You have your M•Caster, now you need the perfect mic to go with it. Meet the EM-99B Dynamic Broadcast Microphone. This mic was made for creators to make it easy to achieve that smooth, articulate sound that you need for your content. Learn More

DB-200 - Suggested


Complete your content creation rig with this premium desktop boom arm. Simply clamp it to your desk, attach the mic, run your cable through the integrated cutout, and you're good to go. Easy to adjust and Built-Like-a-Tank, this is a must have accessory for your EM Series mic.

Full features

  • Pristine sound quality and unmatched flexibility in a sleek, compact design
  • Use your favorite mic plus a headset, media player and more
  • Pick the perfect vocal sound with selectable ContourFX Presets
  • StreamFX makes it easy to add the finishing touch with fun voice-changing effects
  • USB connectivity allows for use as an audio interface on a Mac/PC
  • Bluetooth® connectivity allows for both sending and receiving audio
  • Connect directly to your smartphone’s headphone jack to both send and receive audio
  • Automatic Mix Minus ensures that any call-ins hear only you and not themselves
  • View levels, settings, and more via the built-in MixViewer color display
  • Built-in Sampler allows you to transfer and store audio files directly on M•Caster Studio and trigger them via 4 dedicated buttons
  • RGB LED strip with 15 user-selectable colors
  • Included accessories
    • USB Cable
    • 1/8” TRS / Aux Cable
    • 1/8” TRRS Cable (For Smartphones)
    • Power Supply