Andy Vargas - The Ins & Outs with Mackie - Episode 19

Dec 30, 2020
andy vargas singer with carlos santana on mackie podcast interview

Andy Vargas was influenced by music from a young age; from his father, a mariachi performer, to legendary producer and musician Terry Melcher, to his current mentor, guitar legend Carlos Santana. Andy has been lead singer of Santana’s band since 2000, as well as a solo performer, leader of Souleros, the band and the record label, and head of the Andy Vargas Foundation, providing music education for underserved youth.

Andy talks to Jamie Hernandez about how he came to join Santana, his musical journey, and how you can help the AVF. Follow Andy on social media: Instagram Facebook Visit for news, videos, tour dates, and more. Learn more about the Andy Vargas Foundation and how you can help support youth music education

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