Do I Need A Sub In My Studio?

Apr 07, 2017

A common question for many studio engineers is whether or not to add a subwoofer to their monitoring setup. Several studio monitors have exceptional low-end performance, but if you are in a situation where your project requires extensive low-end monitoring, a studio subwoofer can be a great addition to your rig.






Reasons to Add a Subwoofer to your Studio Setup:

  • If you have a standard near-field setup and want to have to have a frequency response that is closer to that of large Far-Field Mains.
  • If you are creating music that you know will be played in a club/concert-type environment that will have extreme low-end reinforcement, knowing what is happening in the sub frequencies is a good idea. With a standard Near-Field, you might be adding too much low-end to your mix because the monitor cannot reproduce frequencies as low as a large PA system.
  • Having higher SPL levels while tracking instruments in a control room.
  • For Surround Sound Monitoring LFE channel.
  • If your Subwoofer is calibrated correctly, it can create an immersive and accurate mixing environment. Reducing the workload on your full range monitors will significantly improve the low-mids and efficiency.