Aug 17, 2009


Sweat was flying off the crowd like water off the back of an angry dog. The tension was palpable and the sheer amount of human energy present was enough to power the whole neighborhood for two solid nights in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. Vera-Stage-Rockin

Every year, thousands of people and tons of bands get together for Capitol Hill Block Party, a celebration of Indie music and booze. Three stages are packed with people in 90-degree plus weather, soaking in the sun and the music of bands like Sonic Youth and The Jesus Lizard.

Mackie has been a proud sponsor of CHBP for several years, not only running the drinks-for-free VIP area, but also providing a host of gear for the venue. Most notable is the Vera Stage. The Vera Project is a downtown Seattle music-arts center run by and for youth. By engaging participants at all levels of HD1521-SR-Shotmusic production and community organizing,  Vera strives to fulfill its mission to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially young people.

Every year, volunteers from the Vera project team up with Mackie to setup and run sound for the Vera Stage, which highlights edgier, up-and-coming bands and is meant for an all-ages crowd. This year, Mackie was happy to provide a full set of their all-new HD Series High-Definition Loudspeakers as the mains for the stage. Four HD1531's were stacked on eight S410s subwoofers, powered by several M-Series amplifiers. The system was amazing and performed extremely well.

Mackie-VeraDuring a killer performance on Saturday by Starfu*ker, the crowd was worked into a fervor that security could not contain. Mackie employees were on hand, jumping in left and right to protect the speakers from the crushing force of human persistence. It all worked out...the lead singer asked everyone to take a step back, and they did...go figure.

So, if you are ever in the Seattle area in might want to attend the show. It's hot, there are tons of people and it is awesome.