Mackie Partners with the Vera Project for 2010 Capitol Hill Block Party

Aug 02, 2010



Mackie has been a proud sponsor of The Capitol Hill Block Party since the early days. Each and every year, they up the ante, delivering world-class performances covering a scope of genres that is practically unheard of for any festival setting.

This year, Mackie focused it s attention on The Vera Stage. Named for The Vera Project, a Seattle all-ages, volunteer music and arts venue, the Vera Stage hosts more experimental bands. The show was great and the attendance was record-breaking.

The PA was none other than Mackie s all new HDA Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker System. We used three HDA per side, along with eight HD1801 Powered Subwoofers. This is certainly the biggest and best-sounding PA ever put up at the Vera Stage and the crowd loved it. The array was perfect for the long-throw application and the subwoofers pounded more chests than a group of parading silverback gorillas.

For the FOH and monitor boards, we used our Onyx 32.4, along with an SRM450v2 for checking in on the mixes.

All of the front stage monitors were our new HD1221s, which feature a steep 60-degree angle and specific monitor voicing mode, making them extremely high-output and great-sounding stage monitors. For the drum fill, we used an HD1531 sitting atop an HD1801.

The bands were great and the volunteers from Vera really produced some great mixes and made everything really easy for the artists. They are certainly doing something right at Vera, turning out some great engineers.

Another great Block Party under our belt. If you were there and have something to say about the system at The Vera Stage, email us and let us know. If not, we hope you can get to Seattle next for the mother-of-all block parties.

The Lineup:

Vera Stage Capitol Hill Block Party 2010  
Friday 07.23.10 Saturday 07.24.10 Sunday 07.25.2010
Fruit Bats Zola Jesus Dutchess and the Duke
Jaguar Love Grand Hallway Grand Archives
Mahjongg Grynch S
Chris Pureka Spaceman Ravenna Woods
Francis and the Lights State of the Artist Pepper Rabbit
USF Black Breath The Horde and the Harem
Naomi Punk Air 2 a Bird  
  Cold Lake  
  The Head and the Heart