Mackie Rocks Musikmesse 2007

Apr 25, 2007
Following is an account of the Musikmesse experience, as told by Product Specialist Laz Harris. Be sure to read the whole post, and get a peek at our latest and greatest products. Musikmesse 2007 was a great success. It was Mackie's world debut of our new HR824mk2 and HR624mk2 studio monitors, and the show attendees couldn't seem to get enough of them many of them returned to the booth with friends to have a second and third listen. We're just thankful the new high-gloss Piano Black finish is fingerprint resistant... HR_Group_small.jpg HR624mk2 and HR824mk2 High Resolution Active Studio Reference Monitors Our Pro DJ booth drew lots of attention with our cool new d.4 pro and d.2 pro DJ Production Consoles, and the earth-shaking rumble from the SWA2801 subs. With over-head displays of the d.4 pro, turntables and computer screen, every one was "wowed" by how effortlessly Drum & Bass legend Neil Johnston was "throwin' it down." D4Pro_small.jpg d.4 pro DJ Production Console Another hit at the show was the new SRM150 Compact Active PA System. At only 6 kilos, every one was delighted and somewhat in awe of the 118 dB SPL output! One Swiss dealer borrowed my headset condenser mic and plugged it into the SRM150 to try it out as a presentation PA system. He started reciting something technical in German, and all these people from the isles started gathering around to listen to his impromptu presentation. Needless to say he was "sold." The other impressive hit at the show was the new TAPCO TH-15A or Thump Active PA speakers. I think we successfully demonstrated how loud they could go because the sound police or "Akustische Polizei" were called to ask us to tone it down. Check out a few photos of the event djbooth.jpg Mackoid mixin it up at the super swank Pro DJ Booth mcupro_hrmk2.jpg Our Mackie Control Pro Series, alongside the new HRmk2s, and Tracktion 3 Mmm, tasty! tapco.jpg Attendees descend upon the TAPCO booth.