Mackie UnMuted - November 16 2021 - Thrash, Onyx GO Mic, EM-91CU+, MC-40BT

Sep 20, 2021
Mackie unmuted new product announcement thrash loudspeakers onyxgo mic

Today we announce 4 exciting new additions to the Mackie family, ranging as far and wide to the raw power of Thrash Loudspeakers, to the discrete yet intuitive OnyxGO Mic & app.


Thrash Powered LoudspeakersThe Thrash Series 1300W loudspeakers delivere rock solid, no frills sound reinforcement for loud vocals, screaming guitars, and face-melting keytar solos.


OnyxGO Mic: OnyxGO Mic is a completely self-contained wireless mic system for your smartphone. No receiver or cables to deal with. Just pair it, clip it on, and you are ready to rock.


EM-91CU+: The EM-91CU+ provides studio quality sound that is easy to use. Perfect for gaming, creating, singing, voice-over, and so much more.


MC-40BT: Experience the incredible detail and clarity of the MC Series, now with the freedom of wireless with MC-40BT Wireless Headphones