Sep 23, 2009

Header Mackie is on the road in Europe, showing off the all new Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers and the HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers.

DAY FIVE: Bekafun - Izegem, BE

VAN CONDITION: Baguette sleeves and empty wine bottles everywhere

CREW CONDITION: Shattered emotions due to unrequited love in Paris


Day four finds the crew in Belgium, home of everything good. Good beer. Good food. Good people. Did I say good beer? Anyway, the boys pulled up to one of the largest and full-featured retail locations they have ever seen. And it is called Bekafun.

Bekafun-is-Stocked The owner of Bekafun is named Koen Bekaert, and he made sure that the Mackie boys received a hearty welcome. Bekafun created cool custom flyers for the event even decked out their own vehicle with massive Mackie signage. The location is huge, as in multiple warehouses (one of which was nearly completely filled with Mackie gear!). There is a separate demo room (complete with fully-stocked next to the store that is used for education of both staff and customers.  So, when the customers find out there is a demo going on, it gets packed very quickly. Bekafun-Vans

The crew gave demo after demo to people who came from far and wide to hear the new gear and just talk shop in general. The boys stayed late into the evening and only left because they needed to pack the van up for the next stop. (Although the crew did manage to work in a few choice Belgian beers at the hotel before hitting the sack).

Bekafun-Tavern They awoke the next morning to find out that the hotel had cut all water due to construction. So, they skipped the shower and hit the road. Gross, right?

Long story short, Bekafun (and Belgium, in general) is full of great people and great fun. It is a cool stop for any European road trip. Make sure to say hello to Koen. Heck, their might be another demo scheduled. If so, you will want to get your place in line.

Next stop is at Music Store Professional in Cologne, Germany. Stay tuned, as the attempts to safely navigate through another country renowned for their beer. Good luck, boys.