Apr 27, 2009

For those that follow us on Twitter (ahem...www.twitter.com/mackiegear) you may have noticed that we recently came across what has to be the best Onyx 400F product review ever. Here it is:

Mackie is famous to display whatever of the prizewinning singable equipment throughout the world. The musicians throughout the concern who favour calibre exclusive poverty to hit their safekeeping on Mackie Onyx 400F. Mackie Onyx 400F is a rank transcription solution, which has the transcription preamp with 192 rate FireWire signaling output. The Mackie Onyx is famous to achievement with the prizewinning good calibre and it comes with the Traktion 2 code that helps the individuals to achievement the songs on their computer.

The Mackie Onyx 400F comes with a 10-channel frequence programme with mic preamp and FireWire. The Mackie Onyx 400F features quaternary store calibre Onyx mic preamps. These preamps are greatly admired and they substance a crack way and broad take of clarity. The Mackie Onyx has the TRS inserts to confiscate the equipment into the communication distinction before its gets transferred to the computer. It also has the 10 x 10 DSP Matrix Mixer and a 64-bit floating saucer processing.

The Mackie Onyx 400F is meet the prizewinning transcription figure so as to road anywhere from the overdub projects to flooded adornment with its quaternary mic preamps, quaternary distinction inputs and biaural S/PDIF digital inputs. It is rattling cushy to impact the Mackie Onyx 400F as you requirement to block it in with your mic and your instruments to the panels inform on the side and the face and also to block the FireWire telegram from your Mackie Onyx to your computer.

There are most octad individualist outputs that crapper be used for touch mixing or to passage the headphone intermixture to the headphone amp. The Mackie Onyx 400F has a threefold headphone production for the overdubs presented severally to the organise and the performer with an autarkical intensity control. There is an interior 10 x 10 matrix mixer that gives a set interval turn of some signaling to output. The Mackie Onyx 400F has the officer rating 24-bit / 192 rate AKM 5385 and 4358 frequence converters.

The Mackie Onyx 400F has threefold broad resistivity helper inputs, which allows you to enter it to the acoustic, automobile or voice guitars candid to it and this meet allows digit to spend money to acquire an outside candid box. The Mackie Onyx 400F has the biaural curb shack outputs and threefold biaural headphone outputs on the face commission with individualist intensity controls. The Mackie Onyx 400F crapper sync in with some frequence code application, but it also has its possess Traktion 2 Music Production Software.

The Mackie Traktion 2 Music Production Software meet has a azygos concealment programme and it meet allows the individualist to impact rattling easily with it. The code offers a 64-bit intermixture engine, an oceanic road count, a QuickTime hold as substantially as a aggregation of another features. The Mackie Onyx 400F comes with a plug-in clump with the rank flat of Mackie Mixing and Mastering tools. Mackie Onyx 400F is the prizewinning transcription resolution ever produced.

Wow. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

You can find the full article here.