Wall Street Journal Features Mackie SRM150 as Ideal for Outdoor Parties

Aug 06, 2012
Mackie SRM150 We normally cater to musicians, audio engineers, contractors and the like. Sure, we know the average Joe has probably been exposed our products, usually at a live performance. But, as technology advances and consumers become more savvy, there are a whole new range of applications for Mackie gear. For instance, take a look at this article from the Wall Street Journal. It's all about stepping up the sound at your next BBQ. What do you do when an iPod dock just won't cut it? In this case, the Mackie SRM150 is one of the featured pieces of gear that makes "cranking it up" super simple for anybody. Here's an excerpt:
The Little Giant Mackie SRM150
In general, big sound doesn't come in small packages, but the Mackie SRM150 bucks conventional wisdom. About the size of a plumped-up football, the SRM150 might not sound quite as rich when placed next to a larger speaker, but its output is still remarkably full and clear. The unit is completely self-contained; just plug in your iPod and a power cord. There's a small mixer on the front of the speaker with controls for volume and tone. If you're feeling ambitious, you can daisy-chain a bunch of these systems together using a standard microphone cable. And you can elevate the wee SRM150 using a tripod microphone stand, which is lighter and less expensive than the speaker stands used by most systems. SRM150s, like other Mackie products, are also built like a tank. If a full-blown PA system feels like overkill, this smaller plug-and-play option is a solid step up from a consumer-grade portable speaker. They even shot a accompanying video piece, which can be found here. So, if you're the type who wants to boost the bass on their next backyard bash, don't be intimidated by PA gear. Mackie makes is simple for anybody to crank it up a bit.