What is an Aux Send?

Apr 14, 2017

An “Aux Send” is a type of output used on most live sound and recording mixers. It allows you to create an “auxiliary” mix in which you have individual level control over each input channel on your mixer to your “Aux Send” output.  The aux sends on a mixer work independently of the main mix output and give you the ability to route multiple input channels to a single output while leaving out the channels you don’t want to hear. 

There are generally two ways to use an Aux Send:  Pre-fader or Post-fader. When using in Pre-fader mode, a channel’s aux level will only be affected by the Aux Send knob, but not the channel’s fader. In Post-fader mode, any adjustments made on that channel fader will affect the signal going to your Aux Send. 

Aux Sends have many uses, including:

  • Creating monitor or headphone mixes so that performers are able to hear themselves during a live performance or recording.
  • Sending signals to some sort of effects processor (reverb, delay, compressor, etc.).  Typically, the output of the effects processor will be brought back to a stereo or aux return on the mixer. This allows you to add those effects to an output or channel on your mixer.
  • Sending only certain channels into a recording interface.  This is useful when overdubbing.
  • Creating a submix.