Mackie x PCB Productions: An Interview with Keith Arem

Mackie x PCB Productions: An Interview with Keith Arem

“Mackie products have always, you know, withstood the test of time, and the durability of…not just being on the road, but also in the studio…You're constantly using the gear,” says Keith Arem, CEO of PCB Productions.

Having contributed to game franchises like Call of Duty and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, PCB Productions is a content creation company that focuses on performance capture, dialogue, recording, sound design, mixing, writing, and more in games and film. We were privileged to sit down with Keith to discuss how he cracked his way into the gaming industry and the studio’s new podcast, PCB After Hours.

Keith started out as many of those in the industry do – a collegiate musician with big dreams (and a love for Mackie). In fact, he still remembers his first big mixer, the Mackie 32.8. After his band Contagion landed a deal with Capitol Records his freshman year, he hit the road on a North American Tour, where he recalls playing video games in the back of the bus after gigs. With a foot in the door as a musician, he began scoring games and recording his own sound effects, which escalated to full-blown sound design and mixing.

Keith’s freelance days came to an end when he was picked up by Virgin Interactive as a Staff Composer. He quickly ascended the ranks to Director of Audio, and eventually the Audio Director of Electronic Arts. From there he set out on his own venture: PCB Productions.
As PCB celebrates its 25th year, they plan to reflect upon the actors, musicians, and overall amazing talent they’ve worked with by starting up their own podcast: PCB After Hours. This podcast will explore the stories of weekly guests, the origins of your favorite video games, and the inner workings of the gaming industry. Even better? Keith’s love for Mackie as a musician has come full circle. We’re honored to provide DLZ Creator and DLZ Creator XS units to facilitate podcast production.

Watch the full interview to learn more about PCB Productions and their partnership with Mackie.

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