In part 1, Grammy award-winning producer Commissioner Gordon Williams talks about how he got his start in the music business. From spending his allowance on records as a child to getting his hands on his first studio console.

In part 2 of our interview, Commissioner Gordon talks about the role of a producer and how you never know what will be a hit until the public hears it. Producing the first solo album from Lauryn Hill, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill", Gordon saw this firsthand with how quickly that album rose to the top.

In Part 3 of our interview, Commissioner Gordon talks about his relationships and studio time with KRS-One, Damian Marley, Amy Winehouse, and Santana.

In part 4, Commissioner Gordon talks about the power of music and the future. Technology has a huge effect on how he makes music and DJs and makes it easier than ever for artists to be heard and collaborate.

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