2022 Mackie Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Mackie Holiday Gift Guide

Top Gift Ideas for DJs, Musicians, and Content Creators in 2022

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and that shopping for someone who likes pro audio gear is incredibly challenging.
But no longer will you have to endlessly search for something that the DJs, musicians, content creators, and gamers in your life will love. Because we’ve put everything you need to know right here in this convenient gift guide.
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Best Gifts for Mobile DJs and Wedding DJs

Aside from a delectable taste in music, the crowd still needs the opportunity to hear what the DJ is spinning — and hear it well.
Here are our recommendations for any mobile DJ who’s just getting started or considers themselves a seasoned professional:

Best Gift Recommendations for DJs in 2022:

Thump212 Loudspeaker for DJs
  • Thump212 Loudspeaker (Top Seller) - Ultra-powerful and ultra-reliable, Thump loudspeakers are portable, rugged speakers that are perfect for weddings, small clubs, and outdoor events. And all this power comes at an extremely competitive price point when compared to other speakers in its class, making Thump one of the world’s most desired options for mobile DJs.

SRM212 Loudspeaker V-Class
  • SRM212 V-Class Loudspeaker - SRM | V-Class loudspeakers will come at a higher cost than the Thump series but offer cutting edge performance, sound quality, and features suited toward professionals in the industry.

MC-150 DJ Headphones
  • MC-150 HeadphonesA popular pick among DJs, the Mc-150 headphones offer a sleek design with clear audio in the highs and mids, and accurate bass response so you can ensure the crowd is hearing the best mix possible. They also include an extra-long cable so you’ll never accidentally get unplugged from the mix.

Mix5 Mackie Compact mixer
  • Mix5 Compact MixerCompact and built to withstand any gig, the Mix5 provides all of the essentials for connecting and routing audio sources to your loudspeakers and headphones.

Best Gifts for Recording Artists/Bands

While there are some similarities with the gear used in a studio and live performances, they can often serve different functions based on the scenario.
For instance, a mixer in the studio may have interfacing capabilities so that a musician can track their synths, guitar, or other instruments whereas in a live setting it commonly serves the purpose of routing audio to different locations.
Another common difference is in the microphones used for recording versus what’s used live.

Dynamic microphones are used for live performances because they don’t require an external power source and will amplify any source right upon plugging them in. A condenser microphone is better at capturing fine details but requires 48V phantom power to operate which is typically built-in to audio interfaces or certain mixing boards.
Fortunately, you don’t need to know the difference between what’s needed in the studio and what’s needed on stage. Because once again, we’ve done that for you:

Gifts for the Band Member in your Life:

mackie profx12v3 mixer analog
  • ProFX12 Mixer – Essential for any live performance, the ProFX12 audio mixer offers several inputs and outputs for connecting audio sources, built-in effects including reverb and delay, and straightforward analog control. It also works as a USB audio interface on Mac and PC
Question: What is an audio mixer?

Answer: Mixers are used to combine and mix audio from multiple sources (i.e. drums, guitar, keys, bass, and vocals) and route the audio, or final mix, to any external source that can amplify the sound for the audience to hear or the band members on stage through monitors.

em89d dynamic microphone 
  • EM-89D Microphone – Dynamic microphones are used for live performance because they don’t require an external power source. You simply plug it in and play. The EM-89D is great for bands that need an all-around mic for vocals and instruments, and it comes with an XLR cable, removing additional costs for connection.

mackie thrash212 loudspeaker
  • Thrash212 Loudspeaker – Built to rock, the Trash series brings the essentials, power and reliability. Just plug in, get loud, and sound great or use it as a floor monitor that can take a beating out on the road.

Mackie SRT212 Loudspeaker
  • SRT212 LoudspeakerA few steps up from the Thrash Series, SRT Series delivers even more power, helpful features, and improved sound quality for live performances.

mackie mdb-1p passive direct box
  • MDB-1P — This passive DI box makes it easy to connect an instrument directly to a mixer.
Question: What is a DI box?

Answer: A DI box will convert a high-impedance signal to a balanced, low-impedance signal. In other words, this will allow musicians to connect their instruments directly to an audio mixer without adding any unwanted noise or nasty hum to the signal so everything comes out clean.

Gifts recommendations for a recording artist and/or solo musician:

mackie thumpgo portable bluetooth loudspeaker
  • ThumpGO Battery-Powered Loudspeaker – This unit does exactly what the title says. It’s a battery-powered loudspeaker that’s great for the musician on the go and delivers up to 12 hours of battery life. Oh, and it’s rechargeable. Additionally, you can dial in the perfect tone for a live performance with the built-in mixer, making the Thump GO a true plug-and-play portable loudspeaker.

mackie profx6v3 analog mixer with usb
  • ProFX6 Mixer – This compact audio mixer has everything for a solo performing or recording musician. Great for live shows and with USB connectivity, the ProFX6 Mixer can also act as an audio interface to record direct on a Mac or PC.

mackie mp-120 professional in-ear monitors
  • MP-120 In-Ear Monitors – Hearing yourself clearly while performing on stage is a key component to putting on a quality live show. These professional in-ear monitors deliver crystal-clear playback and accurate referencing across the audio spectrum so you never miss a beat.
Question: How do in-ear monitors differ from normal earbuds?

Answer: The main difference between In-ear monitors (IEMs) and earbuds is that IEMs are designed to sit directly in your ear canal. Hence, the name “in-ear” monitors. They’re commonly used during stage performances because they offer excellent noise isolation and are typically made with high-quality components and multiple drivers so that musicians hear all the necessary details they need to.
mackie srm-flex tower style PA speaker
  • SRM-Flex Portable Speaker – Lightweight and easy to carry around, this powerful all-in-one PA system features a built-in mixer, effects, and smartphone control all in a unique, tower design.

Gifts for Podcasters, Streamers, and Content Creators

The landscape of how content is consumed online has drastically changed in a short amount of time.

A medium where cat videos once reigned supreme, the focus has shifted to more long-form content, authentic and interactive content, and lifestyle niches.
Some of these popular categories include podcasting and streaming, and they all fall under the umbrella now commonly referred to as content creation; and the people who make it are known as the creators.

Top Gifts for Streamers and Content Creators in 2022:

mackie mcaster studio livestreaming mixer
  • M•Caster Studio Livestream Mixer — Built for livestreaming, this compact USB-powered mixer makes it easy to achieve a professional vocal sound with just the twist of a knob. It also has built-in vocal FX that creates an engaging stream or podcast and programmable sample pads to trigger sounds on the fly.
Question: Is the M•Caster Series different than a normal mixer?

Answer: Yes. Our analog mixers simply accept an audio source, processes it, and routes it out to the destination of your choosing. The M•Caster Studio still performs that same function but it also has built-in processing presets, voice-changing FX, programmable sample pads, and more. Making it a more interactive device that was specifically designed to make livestreams more engaging for viewers.

mackie onyx series audio interface 1x2
  • Onyx Artist 1x2 Audio Interface – The Onyx Artist 1x2 is the ideal solution for a solo creator that’s recording music, podcasts, or streaming live. This USB audio interface is equipped with studio quality circuitry for clear, warm sound.
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Question: What is an audio interface?

Answer: An audio interface will convert audio signals (like a guitar or microphone) into a format that can be interpreted by your computer. This allows you to record directly into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or use it with other streaming software like OBS. In addition, an audio interface will also playback audio from your computer for monitoring.
  • EM-99B Broadcast Microphone – The perfect complement to the Onyx Artist audio interface, the EM-91C is a large diaphragm condenser mic that captures detail with desirable warmth.

  • EM Carbon USB Microphone — Professional USB microphone that offers incredibly versatility, sound quality, and useful features including a headphone out for monitoring and a mute switch.

mackie mc-100 headphones
  • MC-100 Headphones —No musician or content creator can be without a trustworthy pair of headphones. Made for recording and content creation, the MC-100 Studio headphones provide accurate sound, great isolation, and comfort for long recording, streaming, or podcasting sessions.
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mackie cr3-x studio monitors 
  • CR3-X Reference MonitorsReference monitors are ideal for providing a clear, stereo image of your audio. Complete any home studio desk with the CR Series monitors. And with a small footprint, they fit into almost any size setup.
Question: What are Studio Monitors?

Answer: Unlike traditional stereo speakers that are tuned to deliver a specific tone or sound, studio monitors are designed to reproduce a “flat” reference of your audio. In other words, there is little-to-no coloration of the frequency spectrum that will inherently change the tone of your audio. This helps musicians and creators alike hear an accurate representation of what they’re creating so it can sound great across all sound systems.
mackie onyxgo mic portable smartphone
  • OnyxGO Portable Microphone – Creating content on a smartphone is easy, and always ready to. Give the gift of a sleek wireless mic that clips on their shirt and provides better sound quality plus a free app that gives ultimate control over their sound. It can even be used as a Bluetooth adapter for wired headphones.
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Gifts for Gamers:

Great audio for gaming can often times be overlooked in favor of expensive PCs, graphics cards, or curved monitors.

Not that these components aren’t important for delivering a great PC gaming experience, but your audio is arguably just as integral to creating a good sense of immersion.
And great audio is exactly where Mackie excels.

mackie cr2-x bar pro desktop sound bar 
  • CR2-X Bar Pro Desktop Soundbar – It’s a soundbar, but for a desktop computer. This great-sounding, low-profile speaker fits under most desktop monitors and delivers room-filling sound for those moments you want your gaming experience to feel like you’re in the theatres.
See Also: CR2-X Bar
mackie cr2-x cube desktop speakers with BMR drivers
  • CR2-X Cube Desktop SpeakersLike the CR2-X Bar Pro, the Cube is also designed for desktop audio. Where these speakers shine is with the BMR driver technology. Traditional speakers are more directional and need to be placed facing the listener, whereas the Cube sounds full no matter where you are in the room.

mackie cr3-x ltd edition green lightning studio speakers

mackie em-usb ltd edition green lightning usb microphone
  • EM-USB Green Lightning – This USB microphone delivers great sound quality plus a convenient headphone output. The plug-and-play USB design makes it a user-friendly solution that’s great for gaming and content creation.
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mackie mc-350 ltd edition green lightning headphones 
  • MC-350 Green Lightning – Headphones are as much about sound quality as they are a fashion statement. And MC-350 delivers on both fronts beautifully.

mackie cr-buds plus dual driver earbuds
  • CR-Buds+ - If they need something a bit more compact and portable for listening, CR-Buds+ offer big sound they can put in their pocket.
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