Matrix Mix: What is it?

Mackie Master Fader 5 Matrix section routing  

What is a Matrix?

A Matrix mixer is used to route audio signals from multiple sources to different destinations or zones. When working with a Matrix mixer it allows you to create separate mixes from a combination of output signals or buses e.g. aux sends, L/R Main Mix, subgroups, etc. You cannot assign any inputs to a matrix; these need to go through outputs or buses. So, in short, the “inputs” on a matrix mixer are going to be outputs/buses like the L/R Main Mix, aux sends, subgroups, etc.

The purpose of a Matrix is to take what’s already dialed in on your Main LR, Auxes, Subgroups, etc. and combine them as needed for various other uses such as:

  • Camera Feed
  • Creating a 3-Way Crossover
  • Running an output to a different zone within your building (e.g. lobby, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Front Fills
Mackie Master Fader 5 Matrix masters

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