Babelson Plugs In To Mackie

Babelson Plugs In To Mackie

November 7th, 2022... Today we announce that Babelson Audio’s catalog of highly acclaimed dynamics and FX processing plug-ins for Digital Audio Workstations will join Mackie's product offerings.

With an innovative range of products including vintage tube EQ and saturation, multiband compression, reverbs, harmonizers, analog delay, and dozens more, Babelson has established a well-deserved reputation among audio professionals for their power, performance, versatility, and sonic signature. With strikingly accurate emulations of vintage tube circuitry, Babelson’s plug-ins have garnered enthusiastic reviews and dedicated fans and are compatible with all major DAW software.

From mixers, monitors, and headphones to software and interfaces, Mackie has always been a central part of the creative musician’s toolkit. With the addition of Babelson plug-ins to the Mackie family, we are excited to be able to offer our users some of the most powerful, versatile, and best sounding tools for their music production.

Also joining the Mackie family will be Babelson Founder Thomas Ceyhan, who will continue to update and produce new plug-ins as Mackie continues to further our software offerings.

All Babelson plug-ins will continue to be active as we begin the migration and integration over to, ensuring existing Babelson plug-in users a seamless transition.

We look forward to sharing exciting new updates with you early next year. For more information on Babelson plug-ins, visit

For other questions please refer to the section titled "Mackie Babelson Acquisition" of Babelson's FAQ page.

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