Adds New Language Modules Adds New Language Modules

Bothell, WA - June 3, 2024– Today we announce that has been updated with fully operational multi-language options, currently featuring French and German.

This update aims to enhance user experience for Mackie’s global users by providing access to the website's comprehensive resources with first-party translation.

By breaking language barriers, Mackie hopes to create more engaging interactions with our users, and a more quality experience overall. Last year we even began to bake this level of detail into digital products like the intuitive podcasting mixer the DLZ Creator, which features user-selectable control modes that meet you at your level, a virtual setup assistant, and multi-language support in 8 languages.

This update is available now, and users can easily switch between French, German, and English using the language selector feature on Stay tuned for further updates as Mackie continues to expand its language offerings to cater to a broader audience.

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