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Mackie Champions NDI Standard for Audio and Video Over Ethernet

Mackie Champions NDI Standard for Audio and Video Over Ethernet

Bothell, WA – August 31 2023

Today we announce that Mackie is the first professional audio manufacturer to integrate NDI connectivity into its products.
DLZ Creator, the professional digital audio solution for content creators, is the first product in the Mackie line to integrate NDI pioneering technology, a fast and powerful bi-directional standard enabling audio and video workflows across Ethernet networks. A mainstay of radio and broadcast professionals, the NDI standard enables broadcast-quality, low latency, frame accurate audio and video communication between multiple machines in real time on a simple, secure, and dependable IP network. The NDI standard is also increasingly relevant in streaming and Cloud Mixing, allowing for direct connection into music creation software and connection to outside networks. With support from Twitch and OBS, the NDI protocol has also been embraced by online gamers, live streamers, and podcast professionals. For example, two DLZ Creator users could co-host a podcast from different cities, both sharing full resolution audio with each other in real time.
With a growing user base of streamers, gamers, and content creators, the DLZ Creator is already changing the way content is made and shared. The integration of NDI, enabling fast and easy real-time movement of audio and video between computers, cameras, and other digital devices, will empower users with powerful, professional level connectivity that will dramatically transform their workflow. 
“Mackie’s DLZ Creator is the first of many new products to integrate this new and exciting connectivity protocol,” remarked Danny Olesh, Mackie CTO. “It’s just another way in which Mackie continues to show our firm commitment to our users, including broadcasters, podcasters, live streamers, and the gaming community.”
NDI President Tarif Sayed added, “DLZ Creator is the first-ever audio device integrated with NDI connectivity technology, empowering content producers with more flexibility over their audio streaming than ever.”
DLZ Creator will provide NDI implementation for bi-directional stereo audio immediately, with multichannel support to be added later in the year. This firmware update also includes multilanguage options for the DLZ Creator touchscreen interface, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. For more information, visit


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