Mackie at Jazz Ascona 2022

Mackie at Jazz Ascona 2022

Ascona, located on the beautiful Lake Maggiore, has hosted one of the largest jazz festivals in Europe since 1985.

mackie at jazz ascona 2022

Sixty to seventy thousand spectators gather every year in the beautiful scenery in the south of Switzerland. Jazz Ascona has established itself as a center of classical and New Orleans jazz, and a partnership with the US city has existed for many years.

In 2022, Mackie was proud to support the 11-day festival with the audio equipment necessary for an unforgettable experience. Alongside the classic VLZ consoles, the sophisticated V-Class and Mackie's 3-way systems, the SRM-Flex columns form the backbone of the festival, ideally matched for the numerous small combos that make up the festival.

There, the SRM-Flex are ideal not only for qualitative reasons, but also shine with the simple assembly and transport which can be easily managed by one person alone.
Watch the full recap video here.

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