18” 2000W Professional Powered Subwoofer


The Mackie DRM18S 18" 2000 Watt Powered Subwoofer delivers deep low-end response and cutting-edge DSP for DJs, musicians, and venues that need reliable professional loudspeaker systems for both mobile and install applications.

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No Compromises

No Compromises

If you want to complete your PA with serious low-end, the Mackie DRM18S powered subwoofer is the ultimate solution. Decades of innovation in DSP technology and amplifier design allowed us to optimize the DRM18S to its fullest potential. With ultra-efficient power, an over-engineered cabinet, and Advanced Impulse DSP tuning, the Mackie DRM18S has everything you need to shake the room.

Product features

  • 2000W Class-D amplifier
  • Advanced Impulse™ DSP Module
  • DRM Control Dashboard™
  • Robust cabinet design with increased internal volume for maximum output
  • Rugged design with premium components
  • Versatile configuration options including directional cardioid array

DRM Control Dashboard™

When setup time is limited, changes need to happen on the fly, or you just want to get your system going without extra hassle, the last thing you need is the controls on your loudspeakers being difficult.

The DRM Control Dashboard™ starts with a big, bright, full-color display that is easy to read and offers unmatched visual feedback on levels, adjustments, and more. The default window keeps you informed on every critical setting at a glance. Big green level meters let you know clearly when you have signal and if it is clipping.

But how do I control it? One single knob, that's it. Spin to select what you want, push in, set it how you like it, done.

Control Overview

  • 3-Band Parametric EQ 
  • Venue Specific Voicing Modes
  • Array Modes (DRM12A Only)
  • Variable Crossover
  • Alignment Delay
  • Configuration
  • Real-time amplifier temperature

DRM18S Features

  • Polarity invert
  • Variable crossover with DRM loudspeaker preset
  • Cardioid mode (requires multiple DRM18S subs)
  • Alignment delay
  • Comfiguration / Lock
  • Real-time amplifier temperature
DRM18S Cardioid

Keep The Bass Out in Front

Subwoofers are naturally omni-directional. This means that the sound they project goes in all directions. This can sometimes cause excess bass buildup, feedback issues, and more on stage. That's where cardioid comes in. Cardioid subwoofer setups are incredibly helpful when you want all that rumble off of the stage and out to your audience. It accomplishes this by utilizing multiple subwoofers, with one facing in the opposite direction. This works because the rear-facing sub cancels out quite a bit of the bass that would otherwise be shaking the stage and in turn sends it all you your audience. The DRM18S has settings located in the DRM Control Dashboard that make it easy. You can arrange them side by side or in a stack. 

Full features

High-efficiency 2000W Class-D amplifier offers ample headroom for professional applications

  • Universal power supply (100-240 VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
  • Next-gen protection circuitry keeps transducers safe and ensures peak performance in all applications

Advanced Impulse™ DSP Module

  • Precision acoustic correction delivers reference quality sound that is consistent even at high SPL

DRM Control Dashboard™ features a high-resolution full color display for easy single-knob access to configuration, processing, and more

  • View current crossover setting, high-resolution metering, and more from a single overview window
  • User adjustable variable crossover point allows for matching to any speaker system plus a DRM specific mode tailors DRM18S for full-range DRM loudspeakers
  • Save and recall up to 6 user presets for various applications and venues
  • Cardioid mode allows for easy setup of a directional subwoofer array
  • Screensaver plus dimmer and contrast control
  • Polarity Invert
  • Alignment Delay control for delay stacks
  • System lock with 4-digit passcode

Dual independent input channels with Full-Range Direct and High-Pass outputs

Premium components

  • Road-worthy 18mm plywood construction and internal bracing offers optimal acoustic performance with a touring-grade textured coating and powder-coated heavy gauge steel grille
  • 18” High-excursion woofer offers increased bass response, low distortion, and professional reliability to withstand the most demanding applications

Acoustic design with no compromises

  • Ample internal volume and precision tuned ports naturally deliver the bass you need with minimal distortion

Versatile configuration options

  • Flyable via optional FB100 Fly Bar and FKDRM18S Flyware Kit
  • M20 threaded pole attachment for use with DRM Series loudspeakers and other pole mountable speakers
  • Max SPL: 135 dB
  • 90 lb / 40.8 kg

Product comparison

LF Driver
HF Driver
Aux Inputs
Frequency Response
15" LF + 6.5" MF
1.4" (x3)
Stereo XLR
Stereo 1/8"
Stereo 1/8"
Stereo 1/8"
XLR Direct Out per channel + Mix Out
XLR Direct Out per channel + Mix Out
XLR Direct Out per channel + Mix Out
XLR Direct Out per channel
Stereo High-Pass XLR + Stereo Full-Range XLR Mix Out
45Hz - 20 kHz
43Hz - 20 kHz
35Hz - 20 kHz
50Hz - 20 kHz
30Hz - 120Hz
134 dB
135 dB
137 dB
135 dB
135 dB