Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


The EM Series EM-91C Large-Diaphragm Condenser microphone continues our legacy of immaculate sound, reliability, and affordability. 

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Capture Every Detail

Capture Every Detail

The EM-91C Large-Diaphragm Condenser microphone delivers on our legacy of immaculate sound reproduction and worry-free reliability. Whether looking for warmth and brilliance on a vocal track, capturing the nuance of stringed instruments, or adding a bit of room ambiance to your tracks, the EM-91C Condenser Microphone delivers. 

In times when online content is becoming more and more important for musicians, journalists and other creative people, Mackie has come to the right place with the EM microphone series.

Microphones - DB-100 DESKTOP BOOM


Complete your content creation battlestation with this snazzy desktop boom arm. Simply clamp it to your desk, attach the mic, run your cable with the included straps and boom, you're good to go. Easy to adjust and Built-Like-a-Tank, this is a must have accessory for your EM Series mic.

It's the perfect companion for (almost) all EM Series microphones!

Microphones - PF-100 POP SCREEN


Perfectly placed pop screens permeate pleasant, popular, positive payoff. Got a bunch of spit on your screen yet?

The PF-100 is a no-brainer for recording or streaming dialogue, singing, and any other vocal activities. Just slide it over your mic and instantly reduce those nasty pops that sentences like the one above make happen. This keeps your audio much more even and consistent as well as protects your mic from all that saliva.

Full features

Professional quality that’s affordable

  • Voiced for exceptional detail and versatility

Rugged construction

  • Built-Like-A-Tank™ so you can rely on it for great recordings for years to come

Your new studio go-to

  • Vocalists to instruments, voice-overs to ambiance, this mic does it all
  • Great for home studios, content creation, live streaming, and more

Cardioid polar pattern

  • Rejects peripheral noise to keep your performance crystal clear

Included accessories

  • Shock mount
  • XLR cable