On-Camera Shotgun Microphone for Smartphones and DSLRs


Capture transparent, broadcast-worthy sound with the high-directivity EM-98MS Mobile Shotgun Microphone on your DSLR or smartphone. 

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Lights, Camera, Create!

Lights, Camera, Create!

The best video is nothing without great audio to go with it, and that starts at the source. Designed to minimize sound from off-camera, the lightweight EM-98MS microphone is perfect for content creation at home or on location. With features like variable gain level and high-pass filters, tailoring the sound to your needs is easy and flexible. You can even connect a pair of headphones directly to the microphone to monitor its output. And with an internal Lithium-ion battery, you are ready for action without the need for external power. EM-98MS includes everything you need to get started as well like two different windscreens, professional shockmount, cables, and a carrying case. Upgrade to the EM-98MS Microphone and capture your audio like a pro.

Product features

  • High-directivity super-cardioid design
  • Included cold shoe shockmount 
  • Dedicated headphone output 
  • Internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • 75 / 150Hz high-pass filters 
  • Fully variable gain
  • Overdrive protection mode
  • Auto on/off*
  • Includes furry and foam windscreens
  • Includes premium carrying case

Product Videos & Tutorials

EM-98MS - Application

Capture The Subject, Not The Environment

Not only do shotgun microphones sound perfect for video, dialogue, and capturing specific sounds, they do it while rejecting most other noises. This is thanks to the long shape of the microphone that works to cancel out sound from the sides. This is especially helpful when shooting video outdoors where ambient noise can really try to intrude on your recording. The physical design, combined with the onboard high-pass filters for eliminating rumble and included windscreens ensure clean, transparent audio for truly professional videos.

Full features

  • Broadcast-worthy condenser microphone provides clear, professional audio
  • High-directivity super-cardioid design focuses sound capture where it is pointed
  • Included cold shoe shockmount isolates the microphone from vibrations and handling noise
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight for easy transport and setup
  • Dedicated headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • 75 / 150Hz high-pass filters eliminate low frequency rumble 
  • Fully variable gain allows for precise level control
  • Overdrive protection mode lowers the right channel level by -10dB to ensure you have clean audio to work with in post
  • Auto on/off automatically turns the mic on and off with your device* 
  • Includes furry and foam windscreens for outdoor and indoor use
  • Cables for both DSLR and Smartphone connections included plus charging cable
  • Mountable on 3/8” tripod screw
  • Includes premium carrying case
*Works only with devices that supply plugin power. Most devices will.