Onyx 16

16-Channel Premium Analog USB Mixer

Onyx 16

Mackie Onyx16 is a compact 16-channel multitrack USB mixer with everything you need to elevate the quality of your creative projects like never before. Use the Mackie Onyx16 to bring a new level of sonic performance and versatility to any home recording, live audio or mobile sound setup.

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When it comes to pristine audio, you need a premium mixer at the heart of your setup, whether you’re recording in your home studio or on the road. Every detail of the Mackie Onyx16 is geared towards recording and content creation at a professional level, from our award-winning Onyx preamps to the 18x4 USB multitrack audio interface, which lets you record separate high-definition tracks of each channel.

Product features

  • 18-channelMultitrack Recording via USB or Stereo L/R Recording via SD card, up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • Award-Winning Onyx Preamps for Pristine Audio
  • Powerful FX Engine with Customizable Presets
  • Studio Command Interface with Full-color LCD
  • Bluetooth® Streaming

Mackie dropped the Onyx 8, Onyx 12, Onyx 16, and Onyx 24. No matter what your pick is though, these new mixers are loaded with Mackie signature Onyx preamps, and Perkins “British Style” EQs.

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Onyx Mic Preamps

Onyx Mic Preamps

Record ultra-clean, transparent sound with incredible accuracy. Our award-winning Onyx Mic Preamps are designed for maximum studio-quality performance. Create podcasts, live stream gameplay, or produce the next hit. No matter what you do, we want to make sure you sound great.

Onyx 16 Perkins EQ

Perkins EQ

Onyx mixers feature an enhanced 3-Band “British Style” EQ based on the same circuit used on classic mixing consoles from the ‘60s and ‘70s. This version designed by Mackie has greater filter control, minimum phase shift and allows you to pinpoint specific frequency ranges.

To create the Perkins EQ, Cal Perkins started with the Wien Bridge circuit topology inspired by the hallowed “British” desks of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This design essentially trades boost/cut capability for a wider, highly musical Q filter. After a mind-numbing amount of math, Cal was able to specify capacitor and resistor values that would give the EQ an extra 6dB of control (±15 dB) without excessively narrowing the “Q” or bandwidth of the filters. It's what we call a win-win.

Onyx 16 Built-in FX

Built-in FX

We don’t want to have to imagine a world without effects, which is why we built them into the Mackie Onyx16. Dive through a deep collection of reverb, chorus, delay and more. Access a digital library of customizable digital effects that you can quickly save and recall during studio sessions or band rehearsal. Spend less time menu-diving and more time making music.

Studio Command

Studio Command

There’s nothing like feeling in control of your workstation. Mackie Onyx16 mixers feature powerful full-color LCDs with dedicated physical transport controls. Apply FX and recall up to six customizable presets using an intuitive single-knob interface. Record a stereo mix, browse files and play music direct to/from an SD card, all via Studio Command.

Bluetooth Streaming

Bluetooth Streaming

Bluetooth is a gamechanger on an analog mixer. Pair a compatible device via Bluetooth to stream audio through aux sends or the main mix. Bluetooth compatibility allows you to compare mix reference tracks or play background music when you need it.

 A Light in the Dark

We know the struggle—nobody likes squinting at a mixing board when the lighting is dim. Mackie Onyx16 mixers are equipped with vibrant buttons and full color display for improved visibility, even in the darkest venues. On top of that, the backlit Mute and Solo buttons provide clear visibility so you’ll always know what’s going on in the mix.

Waveform oem™ DAW

Waveform OEM™ DAW

Waveform OEM is a multi award-winning workstation, featuring powerful and creative tools to inspire the modern musician. Unlike typical ‘Lite’ versions, it does not impose any restrictions – you get unlimited track count, powerful features, compatibility with all popular plug-ins and efficient performance on MacOS ®, Windows®, and Linux ® operating systems. Learn More

DAW Essentials Collection™

Introducing a collection of 16 contemporary FX plug-ins for use with any DAW. These plug-ins utilize the very latest algorithms and coding techniques to deliver extraordinary sound quality in an extremely efficient package, allowing the plug-ins to be used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems. Learn More

  • Equaliser, Compressor, Reverber8, Delay Studio, Stereo Delay, Tape Delay, Crossover, Limiter, Gate / Expander, Ducker, Flanger, Crusher, Chorus, Bus Compressor, Phaser, and Auto Filter

Full features

  • 16x4 analog mixer with 4 low-noise Onyx preamps that provide 60dB of gain
  • 3-band British-Style Perkins EQ with On/Off hard bypass switch for dialing in the perfect tone
  • High-resolution 18x4 multitrack recording to Mac/PC via USB at up to 24-Bit / 96kHz
  • Stereo recording directly to an SD card
  • Built-Like-A-Tank™ rugged steel chassis for added protection
  • Professional, customizable dynamic FX, with multi-parameter Adjustment
  • Studio Command—full-color LCD for easy FX control and SD card management
  • Waveform OEM professional software bundle included with purchase of Onyx16
  • Bluetooth® streaming
  • Switchable hi-Z inputs for guitars, bass, and other instruments

Product comparison

Line Inputs
Mic Inputs
Aux Sends
Onyx 8
Onyx 12
Onyx 16
Onyx 24
Onyx 8
Onyx 12
Onyx 16
Onyx 24
5 (3 are Stereo)
9 (5 are Stereo)
13 (5 are Stereo)
19 (5 are Stereo)
1 + FX Send
2 + FX Send
2 + FX Send
2 + FX Send