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Knowledge base

Similar to FAQs, but we dive a bit deeper. Get in-depth guides on specific features and use cases.

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DL Series Mixing Essentials.pdf 41.03 MB
KB_AXIS_Guide_Wireless Optimization_DL Series_DL806 - DL1608 - DL32R.pdf 23.16 MB
KB_Balanced Audio_DL806_DL1608_DL32R_VLZ_PROFX_SRM_FREEPLAY_REACH_DLM_THUMP_THUMP2017_v5.pdf 1.73 MB
KB_Output_Limiter_Setup_VLZ_PROFX_SRM_THUMP.pdf 1.75 MB
KB_Signal_Flow_Basics_PROFX_VLZ.pdf 2.73 MB
Live Sound 101.pdf 3.94 MB
Live Sound Get Loud Training 201.pdf 9.4 MB