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Complete Live Streaming and Video Capture Interface With Programmable Control Keys

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Make Connections

Mackie MainStream is the easiest way to start a pro quality live stream by bringing together your video, audio and stream control into a single, powerful device, so you can focus on connecting with your audience.

All your devices, one livestream

Mackie MainStream is the all-in-one solution that streamlines your desktop setup by integrating your game feed with your mic/headset, cameras, and other sources, allowing you to control your live stream from one powerful device.

Console Gaming Setup
MainStream acts as a capture card for Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and other gaming consoles. Just connect your console to HDMI in and the HDMI passthrough to your television. You can stream with a lightweight laptop and your headset for a low-cost, high-quality option.

Photo of a person playing video games

PC Gaming Setup
Run a professional live streaming battlestation through Mackie MainStream, including a high-end DSLR camera through the HDMI, USB webcam for an extra angle, plus a high-quality XLR broadcast mic and headphones. It all connects to your PC with one USB-C cable.

Photo of a pereson playing video games

Just Chatting Setup
The flexibility of Mackie MainStream makes it the perfect interface for any type of stream. This “Just Chatting” setup uses a DSLR camera, USB mic, and a smartphone for chatting with a call-in guest. (Mix Minus ensures the caller doesn’t hear an echo).

Photo of a person in front of a computer
Matrix Beta Out Now


The free Matrix Software is entirely optional, but extremely powerful. Add up to 6 virtual inputs (like Discord or Spotify) and 4 hardware inputs and route them all to your live stream. Add vocal effects, tweak your mix and create and trigger samples with 24 virtual pads. You can even use Matrix with devices other than MainStream. It won’t get jealous.

Matrix Software v1.0.43 compatible with Windows/PC

Available Now


When you’re streaming live, the last thing you want is to end up menu diving on your computer. MainStream gives you tactile control over levels, plus a row of programmable keys for triggering samples and transitions.

HDMI In & Thru
Mackie MainStream features an HDMI input with a video capture card (1080p x 60 fps) and pristine HDMI passthrough for your monitor (4K x 60 fps) so you can stream live and game at a high quality. It’s a shame what happened to the radio star, but it’s time to move on.

Photo of hand pluging in a cable into the DLZ Creator XS

USB-C HUB for your devices
Consolidate and streamline your entire setup with two USB-C inputs for extra cameras, USB microphones, thumb drives, and any other USB devices you want to connect to your live streaming computer while only taking up one port.

Photo of hand pluging in a cable into the DLZ Creator XS

Analog inputs
It wouldn’t be Mackie without high-quality analog audio. In addition to the main mic input (+60 dB), MainStream includes a chat headset input, smartphone input for live streaming phone calls, headphone output and stereo line outs that are perfect for speakers.

Photo of hand pluging in a cable into the DLZ Creator XS

6 Multi-Function Programmable Control Keys

Engage your audience in new ways. Use the row of 6 programmable control keys to trigger fun samples and bold transitions. Add another camera angle. Try streaming with your video game console over HDMI. Get creative with it. MainStream makes it possible.

Tech Specs

  • XLR/TRS Combo Mic Input (+48V) (60dB)
  • Headset Mic & Return
  • Direct Monitoring On/Off
  • Aux Input
  • 1/4” Headphone Out
  • 1/4” Monitor Outs
  • HDMI Input (1080p x 60fps capture)
  • HDMI Passthrough (4k x 60fps)
  • Dual USB-C Input Hub
  • Single USB-C Interface (Bus Powered)
  • (top panel)
  • 6 Multifunction Keys
  • Mic Level Control
  • Level Indicator
  • PC Audio Return Level Control
  • HDMI Audio Level Control
  • Mic & Aux Mutes
  • Stereo Output Metering
  • Headphone & Monitor Level Control
  • HDMI Audio Mute
  • Headphone/Monitor Mute