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A trademark is a word, name, design, or phrase that identifies a product and distinguishes it from similar products made by competitors. Trademark rights are acquired by the proper, continuous use of the trademarks. A trademark that hasn't been registered with the Trademark Office is noted with a TM. Registered marks are noted with an ®. The following are some of the registered trademarks or tradenames of LOUD Technologies Inc.: the "MACKIE." logo, the "Running Man" figure, UltraMix, Ultra-34, VLZ, VLZ Pro, HUI, the "d8b" logo, V-Pot, FR Series, HR Series, PPM Series, SRM Series, EMAC, XDR, AIO•8, DIO•8, PDI•8, UFX, Mackie Digital Systems, Mackie Real Time OS, Mackie Industrial, and the design and configuration of the 8•Bus Series of consoles. Digidesign and Pro Tools are registered trademarks of Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, Inc. Mac and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. This website may also contain names and marks of other companies. All other brands and names are property of their respective owners – we'll let them deal with their own legal stuff. Additionally, here are a few names we'd trademark if we could: EIEIO•8, She-No-Here, and the ever-glorious "That's OK – You Can Just Photoshop® It, Right?" (a.k.a. "We'll Fix It In The Mix.").

LOUD Technologies Inc. owns several patents or patents pending on various instruments identified and described in this Web Site.


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