MDB Series DI Boxes

Ready for Anything

From acoustic guitars to laptops, always sound your best with MDB Series Direct Boxes in the studio or on the stage. 

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Mackie MDB Series Direct Boxes
Mackie MTEST-1 Cable Tester

MTEST-1 Cable Tester

The guessing game is over

You have quite the collection of cables after all these years. But which ones are still good? Do yourself a favor and throw an MTEST-1 into your gig bag and never guess about a cable again.

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M48 Power Supply

Power Your Performance

Quite a bit of gear relies on Phantom Power to work these days, and the number is always growing. When you need a reliable power source, the M48 Phantom Power Supply is just the tool for the job.

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Mackie M48 48v Phantom Power Supply