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Owner's Manual (PDF 4.6 MB)
Contractor's Specs (PDF 1.0 MB)
Architect's Specs (PDF 292 K)
Ad Ons (PDF 638 K)
Hook-Up Guide (PDF 382 K)
Meter Bridge (PDF 1.4 MB)

Channel Strip (JPG 148 K)
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Rear Panel (JPG 29 K)

The 32•8 and 24•8. Mackie's 8•Bus Series has never been equalled for sound quality.

Expandable, the definitive 8•bus console that's used by more artists, groups, composers, and production facilities than any other brand.

The 8•Bus series was designed to eliminate the last barrier between you and audio creativity – the 32•8, 24•8 are capable of sound quality equal to or better than that of $100,000 consoles.

8•Bus consoles have recorded more platinum albums and major motion picture soundtracks than any other mixer in their class – they set the standard for affordable 8-bus consoles.

Excellent for project studios and digital multitrack recording, when combined with digital multitrack or hard disk recording systems, a Mackie 8•Bus console can create not just major label CDs, but major motion picture soundtracks and network quality commercials.

Features include low-noise/high-headroom mic preamps on every channel, as well as channel inserts and direct outs. In the channel strip you'll find Mackie's truly musical EQ – with Hi and Lo shelving EQ, parametric Hi-Mid, and sweepable Low-Mid EQ – as well as our Low Cut Filter, which allows you to eliminate mic thumps and room rumble from your mix, and use your EQ for music and vocals.

With Mix B, "in-line monitoring" is a breeze. Six aux sends and six aux returns allow you to use all the effects you want. And the 8•Bus'scomplete talkback and phones level controls make communicating with the talent a snap. There's much more:

When you get right down to it, the8•Bus series of recording consoles is a value at many times the price. The fact that artists and producers of every shape and size have sworn by them means when you buy an 8•Bus you'll be in good company.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What is the purpose of the Flip switch?

Q. What is the level setting procedure for the Analog 8 bus?

Q. How should I route my effects device?

Q. Where should I plug my speakers in?

Q. Where should I plug in my headphones?

Q. What is triple bussing, and how is this an advantage?

Q. Where is the best place to plug in my recording devices?

Q. What is the function of the Operating Level switch on the Analog 8 bus?

Q. How do the EQ knobs differ and function?

Q. Should I record effects while I am tracking, or during mix down?

Q. Help, I'm getting noise. What do I do?

Q. What is the 5/6 Shift switch in the Aux Send section used for?

Q. What is Mix B typically used for? How about the Source switch?


  • Available in 32, and 24 channel consoles
  • Loads of outputs for easy multitracking
  • Mackie's premium mic preamps on every channel (with phantom power for use with condenser mics)
  • 100mm log-taper faders for consistently smooth fades
  • EQ: Full parametric Hi-Mid w/separate band center & "Q" controls, swept Lo-Mid, and Hi & Lo shelving EQ
  • Low Cut Filter (18dB/oct @ 75Hz) on every channel
  • 6 stereo (2 assignable) aux returns
  • Extensive routing capabilities


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